Stay Certified With Our MOT Testing in Carshalton | Banstead Road Garage

Every year you are required by law to have your vehicle undergo MOT testing at an officially licenced testing centre. The test ensures your vehicle is roadworthy, and not putting your safety and the safety of fellow motorists at risk. Many motorists roll their eyes and sigh when they realise their certificate is nearly expired, and we understand why; it’s one more thing to put in your diary and worry about. But we look to make the process as quick, easy and affordable as possible for motorists in Banstead, Carshalton, Sutton and Wallington, and other areas all across Surrey and South West London.

Our garage is equipped to provide MOT testing for class 4 vehicles, which takes in cars, small vans and private hire vehicles such as cabs and limos. We look to raise the bar on what customers expect from an MOT, and that’s why our service can include all the following:

  • MOT preparation to improve likelihood of first time pass
  • Car repairs & free re-testing if required
  • Insured engineers for a top quality service
  • A distinctly competitive price from a respected independent garage

So if you live or work in or around the Banstead, Carshalton, Sutton or Wallington areas, call us to book in your next MOT and see what all the fuss is about.

DVSA Approved MOT Testing

You can check online if your certificate is soon to expire, and book in MOT testing at Banstead Road Garage up to 30 days before it does. If you get in early, the period you would have been certified for will roll over – giving you a maximum of 13 months of coverage; so don’t worry about lining it up perfectly!

MOT Preparation

How do we go about MOT preparation for our clients? Firstly, our engineers will take the time to discuss any concerns you might have, before carrying out a unique inspection which scrutinises areas of the vehicle or elements that commonly cause MOT failures. This includes low tire tread, damaged lights and mirrors, driver’s view of the road, etc. This gives Banstead, Carshalton, Sutton or Wallington motorists the best possible chance of a smooth, first time success.

What’s Involved in an MOT?

MOT testing usually takes about an hour to complete, and involves the systematic inspection of a checklist of components as set by the DVSA. In addition to checking things like wheels, lights, brakes, vehicle registration and your windscreen, we’ll ensure your vehicle’s emissions are not above the legal maximum. Failing an MOT is common, and nothing to worry about. We’ll provide advice on how to amend whatever the problem is, which in many cases could be an on the spot repair. We’ll then provide free re-testing, following the repair work.

For an easy, affordable MOT testing option, choose Banstead Road Garage in Carshalton. Popular in nearby areas such as Sutton and Wallington, you can reach us on 020 8642 2242.