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Over the course of the year, seasonal shifts may affect your vehicle and its performance in various different ways. Banstead Road Garage, just a short drive from Sutton, is here to help you battle the elements and consistently enjoy a safe, smooth drive. We achieve this by offering a full range of automotive services including car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing, bodywork repairs, tyre replacement and fast, accurate car diagnostics.

But how do you know what seasonal challenges to look out for? Simply read on, as we’ve looked to shed some light on this subject. More interested in booking in for one of the services detailed across this website, call the Banstead Road Garage team on 0208 642 2242.

It’s the Time of the Season…

Spring – The main concerns during spring are not what’s happening inside your vehicle, but what’s happening out on the roads. Spring showers can leave it hard to see the road if your windscreen is damaged, or your wipers aren’t quite up to scratch. Seeing to both these vehicular elements are run of the mill car repairs for our seasoned mechanics.

Autumn – A beautiful season as the leaves fall from the trees and line the roads… and hopefully don’t get stuck in between components under your vehicle’s chassis! The main concern would be foreign objects blocking filters, and debris damaging your paintwork. In the former case, we’ll pick up on this during run of the mill MOT testing, car servicing and car diagnostics when Sutton clients visit our garage; in the latter, car bodywork repairs (or swapping out alloys during tyre replacement) will do the trick.

Summer – Hot weather can really make your vehicle work to get you from A to B; so it’s important to ensure that your fluid levels are topped up, and that your battery charge is healthy. No one wants to break down far from Sutton in sweltering heat! Other ways to reduce the likelihood this happens is to keep on top of MOT testing and car servicing, and to visit our garage for car diagnostics and car repairs should you notice any niggling issue rear its head.

Winter – The cold may cause materials to contract, which can lead to situations such as chips or cracks in your windscreen. You may also find you need to pump up your tyres more often, as the cold air reduces pressure. Sutton motorists are advised to take care here, as driving on less than optimally inflated tyres can increase the likelihood of damage, and the need for tyre replacement.

Other issues the winter can bring on include impaired performance and extended stopping distances. This is because the icy temperatures thicken up the various fluids that help your vehicle run smoothly. Any other issues not related to the winter can also be handled at our garage near Sutton, where we provide a full range of services including:

  • Car Repairs
  • Car Servicing
  • MOT Testing
  • Bodywork Repairs
  • Car Diagnostics
  • Tyre Replacement

Whether you’re booking in MOT testing, car servicing or car repairs at Banstead Road Garage near Sutton – call 0208 642 2242 to make your appointment.