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Car Diagnostics in Wallington | Visit Our Garage If Weather Affects Your Vehicle

Did you know that a change in temperatures can impact your car? From overheating in summer to freezing fluids in winter, you may experience several issues in different conditions. Known for car servicing, car repairs and MOT testing, Banstead Road Garage rectifies all problems so you can enjoy a safer drive around the Wallington and Surrey regions. With car diagnostics tools readily available, we resolve issues as swiftly as possible.

On this page, we look at some of the key ways in which weather may affect your car. If you have questions or would like to discuss tyre replacements, bodywork repairs or any other service that we offer to drivers from the Wallington area, please get in touch.

A Chill in the Winter

Changing temperatures will naturally expand and contract materials, including in the windscreen – potentially leading to an unwanted crack. Chips may also expand as they allow in water which then freezes over. The cold air can also reduce tyre pressure, resulting in the need for winter tyre replacements.

Just as water freezes in sub-zero conditions, your car’s fluids may thicken. This reduces performance and may extend stopping distance. Our garage helps Wallington drivers to stay ahead in the winter through car servicing, uses car diagnostics to see if you require car repairs. We also serve as a reliable MOT testing centre.

Watch Out for Autumn

During the autumn, trees begin to coat vehicles across Wallington with stunning hues of red, gold and brown. However, fall leaves can build up within filters to compromise your vehicle. Sap, leaves and decomposing debris may corrode the paintwork too. At Banstead Road Garage, we can provide technical car repairs and bodywork repairs to keep your vehicle at its best all year round.

Summer Heat Exhaustion

Long trips in the sun could make your battery struggle and may even shorten its lifespan. Summer makes coolant more essential than ever, and blocked hoses and damaged water pumps will only make things worse. To prevent a breakdown in the sweltering heat, speak with our technicians for car servicing. We use car diagnostics technology to pinpoint areas that need immediate attention, reducing the need for expensive car repairs down the line.

Due Care in Spring

Although spring won’t overheat or freeze elements of your car, it can make the roads more treacherous than ever. Stopping distance in rainy seasons can save lives, as will a crack-free set of mirrors and functional windscreen wipers. To prioritise your safety on the Wallington roads, book your car into our garage for MOT testing, car servicing or tyre replacements at your next opportunity.

Our services include:

  • Full and interim car servicing
  • Car diagnostics and repairs
  • Auto electrical work
  • Tyre replacements
  • Wheel balancing and alignment
  • Class 4 and 7 MOT testing
  • MOT preparation work
  • Welding and bodywork repairs
  • AC repairs and re-gassing

Is your car affected by the changing seasons in the Wallington area? Call our garage on 0208 642 2242 for car diagnostics, professional car repairs and car servicing work.

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