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70 Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches Surrey, SM5 3NL


Garage in Banstead | Your Experts in Car Repairs – When to Take Your Car for a Service

At Banstead Road Garage, we reward our customers with low-cost car servicing and repair work. Our technicians continue to grow a reputation for exceptional car repairs, doing so with cutting-edge car diagnostics equipment to cut down on time. We assist with bodywork repairs and tyre replacements, and offer class 4 and 7 MOT testing to our customers.

We appreciate that car servicing must protect your warranty. Below, we look at some of the reasons you may need to book your vehicle in with our team.

Your Brakes Lack Responsiveness

Brake pads and discs will suffer from wear as you continue to drive, making some degree of change normal. That said, pedal sponginess or unresponsive brakes could cause an accident in the wrong conditions. Car servicing from the team at Banstead Road Garage will keep your car responsive and give us a chance to use car diagnostics to pinpoint faults.

Should we find a problem, rest assured we will deliver the car repairs you need at a competitive price.

Intermittent Power Loss

The last thing you need is to become stranded due to power loss. Power surges could signal a growing problem, as might frequent stalling and poor control. If you notice any of the above, visit our Carshalton garage for a detailed inspection.

MOT testing ensures your vehicle in the Banstead area complies with DVSA emission standards and helps to prevent breakdowns. Unlike MOTs, car servicing isn’t mandatory, but it does give our professionals a chance to look over your car with a keen eye.

Strange Vibrations and Sounds

Do you hear bizarre noises while you drive around the Banstead or Surrey areas? If so, it could be due to worn tyres, steering problems or damaged brake pads. Likewise, a squealing sound while driving could mean you need tyre balancing or new power steering fluid.

Renowned among Banstead motorists for car repairs, car diagnostics and MOT testing, we recommend car servicing as a means to prevent spiralling costs.

You See the Engine Warning Light

Modern cars feature an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that cutting-edge garages can plug into via car diagnostics. When the warning light comes on, the exact cause will remain a mystery to all but the technician. Our staff will read the code to understand the complaint before suggesting the most effective car repairs needed.

Your Annual Service Is Due

Often called ‘interim’ car servicing, a minor service will let a trained mechanic look over key points of your vehicle to make sure it’s roadworthy. This comes recommended every six months. An annual service, however, offers a more comprehensive check and takes longer. It’s also crucial for the vehicle’s warranty as well as the health of your car.

Banstead Road Garage welcomes customers from all surrounding areas, making them feel at home while we provide the necessary car diagnostics, car repairs, servicing or MOT testing. Rather than paying dealership prices, rely on us for high-quality yet more affordable car servicing.

Please call 0208 642 2242 to speak with Banstead Road Garage about car servicing, car repairs or to book your vehicle in for MOT Testing.

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70 Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches Surrey, SM5 3NL

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