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70 Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches Surrey, SM5 3NL
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70 Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches Surrey, SM5 3NL

Tyre Replacements

Tyre Replacements in Carshalton, Surrey and South West London

Banstead Road Garage provides high-quality tyre replacements for all passenger and light commercial vehicles. Based in Carshalton, our premises comes well-stocked with tyres from today’s leading manufacturers – making us a popular choice among customers in Sutton, Wallington, Surrey and South West London. We also perform wheel alignment and balancing to ensure smooth driving and an even weight distribution while on the road.

Our garage uses Black Circles to give you the most extensive range of tyre replacements possible. We stock all major brands, including Michelin, Avon, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

  • Premium tyres from prestigious brands
  • A full supply-and-fitting process for your car
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • A great stock within our Carshalton garage
  • A welcoming approach from our experienced team
  • Serving Banstead, Sutton, Wallington and Surrey

Maximise Performance With Tyre Replacements

Tyres remain in contact with the road at all times, taking the full weight of your vehicle at high speeds. This puts them under a great deal of pressure and leads to worn treads, blistering, cracks and, in some cases, punctures.

Why Should I Replace My Tyres?

By replacing your worn our tyres, you can enjoy a comfortable drive and optimise the lifespan of your car. Driving across Carshalton, Surrey and South West London should be as safe as possible, and this is where new tyres come into their own – giving better control for 65,000 to 100,000 miles depending on their treadwear rating.

Tyre replacements with an even treadwear pattern, as well as the right weighting and balancing, will provide superior traction and better gas mileage. This saves money on petrol while giving you the control needed to stay safe in wet or icy conditions.

Lastly, tyre replacements reduce noise and increase driver comfort so that you can enjoy long journeys with peace of mind and without irritation.

Your One-Stop Shop for Tyres and More

At Banstead Road Garage in Carshalton, we provide everything from 4x4 to sport tyres. These offer excellent handling, a long tread life and come in a range of sizes. We also sell tyres for various seasons, allowing you to remain safe on the Surrey and South West London roads.

We hold membership with Checkatrade, Approved Garages, the RMI and Trust My Garage. With such accreditations, you know that your tyres come from a trustworthy workshop. From tyre replacements to car diagnostics and repairs, we deliver a comprehensive service, so get in touch today.

For high-quality tyre replacements, please call 0208 642 2242. Our garage supplies and fits new tyres for cars throughout Carshalton, Surrey and South West London.

Accreditations & Professional Memberships

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70 Banstead Road, Carshalton Beeches Surrey, SM5 3NL

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