Our Car Repairs in Carshalton Provide BIG Benefits

If you’re a motorist in Carshalton and wish to enjoy the benefits of high-end car repairs from genuine local specialists, visit Banstead Road Garage today. From our full and interim car servicing to our perfect bodywork repairs, we meet the needs of our Carshalton customers by always going one step further than the opposition. MOT testing, tyre replacement work and car diagnostics can also be completed to high standards at our Surrey garage.

Here, we list some of the many benefits we offer to our customers in more detail. This should give you a clearer idea of whether the services at Banstead Road Garage might be right for you. We welcome new and existing customers from Carshalton, Surrey and all surrounding location including those in South West London.

1. Our garage in Carshalton is fully equipped. We invest into innovative technology on a frequent basis. This helps us to provide modern services such as car diagnostics and engine management. If your vehicle is fitted with an ECU, as most modern cars are, then car diagnostics are essential for identifying problems in the engine sub-system.

2. Car repairs are undertaken by skilled and fully qualified technicians. Banstead Road Garage in Carshalton carefully selects the best personnel and all car repairs are completed to exceptionally high standards. A 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty is offered on all parts and labour so that you always have peace of mind.

3. Car servicing is performed to the same standards as dealerships in the Carshalton area. We think it’s unfair that you’re expected to cover the cost of glitzy showrooms and somebody else’s warranty work. Come to our garage for car servicing and we promise to be lower in price than your usual main dealership.

4. These days, most bodywork repairs are completed at major accident repair centres. While such places serve a purpose for insurers, the customer sometimes loses that important personal touch. We know the post-accident period can be stressful so all bodywork repairs are handled with understanding at our Carshalton workshop.

5. MOT testing is one of our most important garage services because, like car servicing, it has to be performed every year to keep your vehicle roadworthy. While car servicing isn’t compulsory, MOT testing is. Customers in Carshalton can use our company for all of their Class IV MOT testing requirements.

6. Have you ever been to a garage for tyre replacement work and been quoted what seems to be a fair price, only to find the final bill is higher? Our Carshalton garage never adds on unexpected extra costs after completing tyre replacement work. Balancing and weighting are free, and they always will be!

Contact us now to book in for car servicing, car repairs or bodywork repairs at our popular garage in Carshalton. We look forward to hearing from you.