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At Banstead Road Garage in Carshalton, it’s our job to keep you safely on the road all year round, so you can go about your business without any unexpected interruptions. One of the most effective ways we achieve this is via the provision of interim and full annual car servicing – something that is unanimously recommended by all vehicle manufacturers. What benefits do you enjoy by keeping on top of scheduled car servicing? Increased chance of passing MOT testing first try without the need for car repairs, a safer experience on the roads, maintained vehicle value, and much more. While you may still need to visit our garage from time to time for services like car diagnostics, tyre replacement and bodywork repairs, it’s a fantastic way to look after your vehicle.

But when exactly should you be picking up the phone to book in a car servicing appointment at Banstead Road Garage? We’ve jotted down just a few situations on the page below. To book in for anything from car repairs to MOT testing, tyre replacement to bodywork repairs, car diagnostics to air con re-gassing – simply call our seasoned mechanics on

When to Book in Car Servicing

Unresponsive Brakes – They’re perhaps the most important feature when it comes to keeping you safe, and a lack of responsiveness is a sure fire way to court an accident. As both brake pads and discs suffer wear and tear over the course of their lifespan, it’s important to visit a garage like our own should you notice a change in performance. MOT testing and car servicing are opportunities for our Carshalton mechanics to identify brake issues – such as sticking brakes or a spongy pedal – which might warrant further investigation via car diagnostics, and potentially action via car repairs. Well-functioning brakes also reduce tyre wear, meaning it’ll be longer till you require tyre replacement.

Power Losses – There are two types of power loss that are somewhat common: intermittent outages which force you to restart your engine, often due to stalling out of stationary, and then long-term outages which leave you stranded; neither is ideal! If you’ve suffered either recently, this is a big indicator that you should get booked in for car servicing at our Carshalton garage, or car diagnostics if your last service was relatively recent.

Strange Noises & Handling – If you’ve noticed odd noises emitting from your vehicle, or a strange sensation when steering, accelerating or braking, then perhaps it’s time to come in for car servicing / car diagnostics. There are many issues that can cause these symptoms, such as worn brake pads or tyres, or a lack of power steering fluid. It’s preferable to suffering a serious issue while in motion, and needing to come in for serious bodywork repairs!

Warning Lights – Your dashboard warning lights are a convenient feature of modern vehicles, which take a lot of the guessing work out of “when should I visit a garage?” Our Carshalton garage – known for its exceptional standard of car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing and bodywork repairs – use diagnostics equipment to directly interface with your engine, and immediately find out why that little light has switched itself on. We can then recommend the appropriate work. In the case of your service light… the answer is obvious; it’s time for your service!

It’s Time – The most typical reason Carshalton motorists cite when coming in for car servicing, is that it’s simply that time of the year. Manufacturers recommend interim car servicing every 6 months, and full annual car servicing every 12 months. This keeps your warranty intact, and reduces the chance you’ll require car repairs, or fail MOT testing when it’s time to renew your certificate.

To book in for anything from car servicing to car repairs, contact Banstead Road Garage in Carshalton. You can reach our mechanics on 0208 642 2242 at your earliest convenience.